Beverage Company

beveragemgtteamWe're Responsive to Your Ideas
We view our customers as partners and are invested in helping you grow your business. We are a locally owned beverage company, without layers of management, spread across the country, you have to wade through when you want to think and act outside the box. We are eager to discuss your marketing plans and how we can assist you. Of course, we have a full range of merchandizing options and marketing equipment to choose from and attractive point of sale material to support your promotions and add on sales opportunities.

Experienced Salesmen Pre-Sell Accounts Using Handheld Computers

At Dixie Riverside, we work diligently to provide you the best possible service to accompany our popular brands. All of our accounts, including grocery, mass merchandizers, restaurants, drug, and up and down the street, are pre-sold with handheld computers. Viewing your current inventory levels the day before delivery combined with the sales history, also stored in the handheld computer, makes it much easier to have the right products on delivery day. Our information driven sales system is managed by 7 skilled salesmen with over 100 years of experience who service our Georgia/South Carolina territory. They check with our customers on each visit to insure any special needs are addressed and that promotions are adequately stocked.

happycustomerDeliveries are completed by uniformed, well trained and properly screened route salesmen who are there to bring you the right product, delivered to the right location as quickly and efficiently as possible. Deliveries are executed using a resource sharing system. We have partnered with Beverage South to provide delivery services for our beverages along with their beer products to reduce costs and eliminate that extra delivery and additional work for your staff.

A Happy Customer is the Goal
Ultimately, all the careful steps we take to make sure you receive the right products from us when you need them and all the care you take in creating the best possible shopping experience is directed at one outcome. A customer who is happy because they've purchased a quality product they enjoy, at a good value, and from a location that provides them with everything they need to satisfy their shopping experience. We committed to helping create our happy customers.