Canteen Franchise

Brands, Marketing Programs and Purchasing Advantages
In March 2008 we decided to join the Canteen franchise group. This allowed us to expand inside our own market with the acquisition of Restaurant Enterprises and also gave us purchasing advantages on a host of products and services. We also gained access to numerous marketing programs and exclusive brands that we can provide to our customers. We believe this partnership has created the best of both worlds. We have local ownership and responsiveness combined with the purchasing advantages and marketing expertise of a National organization. We believe the ultimate winner has been our customers.

Marketing Programs








Canteen’s Balanced Choices delivers two essentials for health conscious customers: variety and quick access to nutritional information. Selections include low carbohydrate, sugar free, reduced fat, caffeine free, hydrating beverages, and soy products. The Balanced Choices icon also guarantees you get the nutritional facts you need to make informed purchasing decisions.










Market Central is the ultimate dining destination where consumers enjoy exclusive restaurant brands, today’s popular snacks and beverages, and cutting edge technology, in an inviting and comfortable setting.

Restaurant Brands








Canteen and a handful of popular restaurant brands created a new level of service for our customers, exclusive restaurant branded food. Today, we’re setting the table with a growing list of restaurant brands. Each offers a unique dining experience that only Canteen can deliver.